National Seminar on “Technological Intervention for Improving Health and Nutrition of Tribal Communities”


A two-day National Seminar with the theme “Technological Intervention for Improving Health and Nutrition of Tribal Communities” began at Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) on 25th February, 2019.

The Seminar is being organized by the Department of Comparative Indic Studies and Tribal Sciences, School of Natural Sciences and Tribal Technology and KISS Deemed to be University,

The Inaugural Session was presided by Prof.. Harekrishna Satapathy, Vice Chancellor of KISS. In his welcome address, he greeted Prof. Ishan Kumar Patro, V.C, Ravenshaw University; Dr. Sanghamitra Pati, Director, RMRC and Dr Rajeeb Swain, Scientist ILS (who came on behalf of Prof. Ajay Parida, Director, ILS). Sri R.N. Dash, Secretary of KIIT and KISS felicitated the guests.

Prof. Satpathy quoted that 8-10% of the whole population of the world are tribal people. Unless and until the technology is used to aware the tribes, their upliftment cannot be possible.

Dr. S Pati  stressed upon the fact that the technology should be affordable, acceptable and available to the tribal people.

Prof. Ishan Kumar Patro laid focus on the retention of the cultural heritage of the tribal people along with the preservation of medicinal plants. During the Technical Session, Prof. K. Geeta of Delhi University and Dr. Soma Chattopadhyay, Scientist, ILS   highlighted upon the awareness of tribal population to prevent the health hazards like infant mortality rate and maternal death rate.

Prof. N.C. Das emphasized on Body Mass Index and placed a lot of examples relating to the infant mortality rates too. Prof. I.K. Patro and Prof. N.R. Pattanaik also expressed their concern over the brain development of infants. 

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