KINS NSS Unit Organizes “Swastha Balak Balika Spradha” 2022


NSS Unit of Kalinga Institute of Nursing Science (KINS), KIIT NSS bureau organized a seminar virtually on “Swastha Balika Balak Spradha”on 10th January 2022. The seminar was conducted by NSS volunteers of B.Sc. Nursing 2nd year and 3rd year students of KINS under the mentorship of NSS Program officers Ms. Diani Sunita (Tutor, KINS) and Ms. Anita Panigrahi (Tutor, KINS).

In her welcome address Dr. (Prof.) Niyati Das, Principal, KINS and HOD, child health nursing elaborated regarding the mission Swastha Balika Balak Spradha, malnutrition of under five children, and anemia among adolescent girls. Dr. Kajal Parashar, Deputy Director CEC, Program Coordinator, KIIT NSS Bureau, Associate Professor, School of Applied sciences, KIIT DU, explained about the program and said, how nutrition is important in our daily lives and for all the age groups from infant to old age. Having a noble profession, nurses have the greatest role at community level.

Ms. Daini Sunita, Tutor, PO KINS, NSS Unit highlighted the overview of the programme. She focused on different schemes launched by the Government of India such as Anganwadi Services Scheme and poshan abhiyaan for tracking apps and importance of growth monitoring. Ms.Tithi Pal, 2nd year KINS, NSS volunteers taught regarding introduction of health and nutrition, in saying nutrition is an important aspect of health and development.

Ms. Mehreen Akhtar discussed how health and nutrition are co-related to improved infant, child and maternal health. Ms. Mamta Kesson explained about the type of nutrients and its need for girl children. Mr. Kamran Rashid described the nutrition for boy child. Ms. Ritika Roy presented a healthy child and healthy nation, and said that a healthy diet contributes to preventing illness and improving quality of life.

Ms. Meghla Sen introduced the mission Swastha Balika Balak Spradha, and she explained several ways of assessing nutritional status of children. Ms. Rima Tapadar explained the nurse’s role in health and nutrition. She said that nurses educate about a healthy and balanced diet for children below 6 years of age, pregnant women and lactating mothers.

The whole seminar was summarized by Ms. Tithi Pal. Ms. Pribha Kumar Mahato, B.Sc. Nursing 2nd year, KINS NSS Unit proposed the vote of thanks. The program was anchored by Ms. Deyasinee Paul 3rd year B.Sc. Nursing, KINS NSS volunteers and the program ended with NSS Song. A group dance was performed by B.Sc. nursing 2nd year students KINS NSS volunteers. Total 120 NSS volunteers, public and faculties participated in this programme.