KiiT International School IBDP CAS Experience beyond the Classroom

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One of the defining aspects of the IBDP program is the core, which includes Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and CAS or creativity, action and service. It is through the core that the program enables students to develop the ATL skills. The thinking skills, research skills, communication skills, time and self management skills together with the collaboration skills makes the IB student a complete learner and addresses all the aspects of the IB learner profile, while facilitating a deeper understanding of the subject groups.

KiiT International School IBDP students are in Sambalpur now, as part of the experimental learning process for CAS. These activities are designed and executed by the students with the supervision of the CAS Coordinator to ensure a high degree of personal engagement and collaboration that truly takes learning beyond the classroom.

The students met with some weavers’ families trying to understand how traditional weaving techniques have stood the test of time with modern textile mills. They also did a plantation drive, visited a temple which is tilted and has no scientific explanation for the same. Farmers distress is not confined to processions and strikes. The students worked in the paddy fields to understand how farmers actually produce crops for us. IB programs are not only for pampered children who don’t wish to dirty their hands. It ensures that students learn in a meaningful manner at all levels.

As a school located in Bhubaneswar, the diversity of the state, both geographically and culturally, provides a range of CAS activities for students that are accessible, meaningful, and affordable at the same time. The experienced and dedicated faculty only ensures that the students receive the best scaffolding to justify their involvement in the program. Well done KiiT-IS IBDP!!!