AIESEC Recruitment 2.0


AIESEC conducted a Recruitment Drive on 14th July, 2019 exclusively for KIIT Students at Campus-11 Auditorium. Being the largest youth leadership movement, it witnessed another chapter in Bhubaneswar when 14th of July, 2019, marked thesecond edition of AIESEC in Bhubaneswar’s recruitment.

This time, AIESEC  witnessed around 400 students who signed up for a better tomorrow, the highest ever for AIESEC in  Bhubaneswar. The recruitment was a one day process where the students were not just tested but also were taught. The students self-reflected upon themselves and each of them found the process to be unique in a beautiful way. 

The day started with an interesting presentation by the President of AIESEC Bhubaneswar which intrigued the students to stay for the process that lasted all through the day. It was followed by an elimination round which was called JAM (Just a minute) where the applicants were given 30 seconds to prepare for a topic and one minute to speak about it. This helped a lot of students when it came to public speaking and stage fright. The selected applicants underwent Personal Interviews, which was taken by the Vice Presidents of the organization. The interviews were designed in such a way that students find it interesting to answer the questions and also receive a lot of relevant take backs for self-development. 

However, not everyone got the chance to be a part of the organization after the two elimination processes. But  AIESEC takes it upon itself to make sure each young individual out there gets an opportunity to develop leadership. This is why the different AIESEC International Exchange Programs is recommended for all youth to develop themselves exponentially and stand out of the crowd.

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