ISCA National Seminar Inaugurated at KIIT


Jointly organized by the ISCA Bhubaneswar Chapter and KIIT Deemed to be University, the  2 day National Seminar on Science & Technology: Rural Development was inaugurated at Auditorium, KIIT  Campus-7 on 13th December, 2019.

Distinguished members and Scientists including  Prof. V.L Saxena, General President,  (Elect), ISCA; Prof. S. Ramakrishna, General Secretary, Membership Affairs, ISCA;  Dr. B. K Das, Director, ICAR-Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute;  Prof. P.P. Mathur, Former  General Secretary, Scientific Activities, ISCA Past General  Presidents Dr. M.K Chakrabarti  and  Prof. A. K. Saxena, Innovator Mihir Kumar Panda and Prof. J. R. Mohanty, Registrar, KIIT-DU put their meticulous and analytical  views  on different aspects of the theme.

The Guests opined that the Rural Development Sector needs to be emphasized which is a much broader sphere than agriculture. Besides, the social and economic well being of rural community should be looked into. The technology should be used suitably in Indian villages so that the villagers will get empowered and cease migrating to cities. It is significant to personalize agriculture and promoting non-farming jobs in rural areas. This is really the high time on part of science activists, scientists and science administrators to discuss issues related to Rural Development.

They went on elaborating that India is now self sufficient on food production. But we need some healthy foods. Now people are thinking about organic manure and minimising pesticides. With this, we have to empower rural communities. Because the factors like illiteracy, malnutrition and poverty have been immensely affecting the rural communities day by day. We are now consuming adulterated food, which are quite hazardous to our health. We get most of our food products from rural areas. If we empower, educate and aware the rural people against the adulteration of food, then we can ensure the well being of the people. To achieve such objective, we have to educate the rural community. Through Science Congress, we have to take necessary steps towards sustainable economic growth. As Indian economy is based on rural economy, we have to develop Rural Technology, as it is very crucial during the urbanization and globalization era.

The dignitaries further said that we have not supported only our own nation, but also have migrated to almost all parts of the world. We have made our innovative impression quite strong, formidable and imperative in the developed world. In International scenario, we can easily observe the disparity in India. Here most of our Scientific Brains cease to grow because of the lack of support and encouragement. We are still way behind in  meeting the basic needs of human being like food, shelter, sanitation and water. In this context, what is needed, is the Human Capital Based Society  with the entire support of these basic things. In fast moving world, we have managed to make our education system contemporary. Moreover, we need to create the necessary infrastructure as well as congenial environment for learning and innovation.

Dr. Kajal Parashar, Convener, ISCA Bhubaneswar Chapter placed the Welcome Address while Prof. P. Rath, Treasurer proposed the Vote of Thanks.

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