Book ‘Apratim Bharat’ Released by Governor of Odisha


Belongingness is the guiding philosophy of Bharat, said Prof. Ganeshi Lal, Hon’ble Governor of Odisha, while releasing a book titled ‘Apratim Bharat’ (Unique Bharat) by Shri Bhagwat Pariwar in Bhubaneswar on 6th July, 2018. Belongingness from the heart is the foundation of love. It is the unique feature of Bharat as well as Odisha. “You can know Bharat by observing Odisha. Belongingness is the main quality of Odia people”, Prof. Lal stated.

After releasing the book at the Mayfair Convention Centre, the Governor thanked the Pariwar for filling the air with spirituality with the launch of the new book and thanked the Kadambini Media and Founder of KIIT and KISS Dr. Achyuta Samanta for the beautiful event.

Highlighting the motto of Shri Bhagawat Pariwar, Mumbai, Shri Virendra Yagnik said, in the context of present scenario the book Apratim Bharat will inspire the youth mass. Shri S.P. Goel, President of Shri Bhagawat Pariwar said, “We are thankful to Kadambini Media and Dr. Achyuta Samanta for the release of the book Apratim Bharat in Odisha”.

Shri Bijay Kumar Nayak, Director, Odia Language, Literature & Culture, Govt. of Odisha said, be it the mythological epics of Ramayana and Mahabharat or Bishnu Sharma’s Panchatantra, Bharat has left rare contributions to the field of literature and culture across the world. Bharat not only is a geographical, but a spiritual entity. Our contribution is not limited in the sphere of literature, philosophy and spirituality, but it extends to science also. ‘Basudheiba Kutumbakam’ is the unique feature of our culture, Shri Nayak said, adding, this book must be acceptable among the masses.

Baba Ram Narayan Das Maharaj said “Bharat is the land of dedication. We are happier when you say Bharat instead of India”. While critically analyzed the book, Shri Asit Mohanty, noted writer recalled the magnum opus of Late R.N. Tagore’s “Bharat Tirth”. He said that, this book is unique publication of Shri Bhagawat Pariwar. We can get knowledge about our art, culture, spirituality, education and everything from this book. The book has been adorned with the poems of Jaishankar Prasad in its initial pages.

Presiding over the programme, Padma Vibhushan Shri Sitakant Mahapatra said, “it is truly a unique production of Shri Bhagawat Pariwar. We can get firsthand knowledge about our art, culture, tradition, spirituality, education from this book Apratim Bharat”. Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KIIT, KISS and Kadambini delivered welcome address, while Shri Ashok Pandey, noted educationist proposed vote of thanks. It is for the first time that Shri Bhagawat Pariwar of Mumbai has visited Odisha.

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