KIMS Organises Three-Day FDP Successfully

The Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) organised a three-day-long Faculty Development Programme (FDP) from June 27-29. Principal Brigadier Prof. Ambika Prasad Mohanty inaugurated the event. On the first day during Session-I topics like Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) Curriculum, tools, planning, assessment methods, question paper setting, evaluation, skill and simulation lab under CBME.

In Session-II under “Challenges of Medical Practice’’ eminent experts like Director IISER Berhampur Prof. Ashok Kumar Ganguli, /Director AIIMS Bhubaneswar Prof. Ashutosh Biswas, Chairman Academics KIMS Prof. Yogesh Chawla and Professor Emeritus Dermatology KIMS Prof. Hemant Kumar Kar spoke.

Similarly, on the second day topics like Basic Scientific Presentation, Patient Safety, Good Clinical Practice, Qualitative & Collaborative Research, Writing Grant Proposals, Proteomic Tools in Health-care, Medical Ethics and Filing Patents were deliberated. Prof. Pallab Ray Visiting Professor Microbiology PGI Chandigarh, Prof. AnsumanPanigrahi from RMRC Bhubaneswar and Dr. Shreya Chatterjee Asst. Professor, School of Law KIIT-DU, spoke.

On the third day topics like Audio Visual Aids, Robotics Surgery, Precision Medicine, One World One Health, Literature Search, Work Life Balance, Mentoring Mentees, Yoga and Spirituality, Medical Audit, Physician BurnOut and Clinico Pathological Conference were discussed.

Prof. Pallab Ray Visiting Professor (Microbiology) from PGI Chandigarh, eminent surgeon Dr. Sreejoy Patnaik from Cuttack, Prof. Ashok Sar from School of Management KIIT-DU and Dr. Biswa Bandita Kar, Dean School of Spiritualism and Yogic Sciences of KIIT-DU, participated.


During the first session “Overview of CBME Curriculum’’ Prof.  ShubhransuPatro Vice-Principal and Professor in Medicine, KIMS spoke on an overview of Competency Based Medical Education (CBME). Other speakers and their topics included:

Prof. SibabrattaPattnaik, Pediatrics (Teaching Learning Tools), Prof. Basanta Kumar Behera , Community Medicine (Lesson Planning and Micro teaching), Prof IpsaMohapatra, Community Medicine (Attitude, Ethics and Communication), Prof KumudiniPanigrahi, Microbiology (Choosing Assessment Method), Prof Magna Manjareeka, Physiology (Setting Question Papers and Question Bank), Prof. Kavita Aggarwal  Biochemistry (Curriculum Evaluation) and Dr. Devi Prasad Dash, Critical Care Medicine (Skill and Simulation lab in context of CBME).

During the second session with the overall theme “Challenges in Medical Practice’’ Prof. Ashok Kumar Ganguli, Director IISER Berhampur spoke on “Nanotechnology in Diagnosis and Medicine’’. Prof. Ashutosh Biswas, Director, AIIMS, Bhubaneswar spoke on “Basics of Medical Research’’, Chairman Academics KIMS Prof. Y. Chawla spoke on “Organ Donation” and its overview and Prof. Emeritus Dermatology KSS Prof. Hemant Kumar Kar spoke on “Patient doctor communication’’ and how it has evolved over the years.


During the Day-II morning session the “Faculty Development’’ session Principal Brig. AP Mohanty, spoke on the overall faculty development concept in a medical college and Prof. Pallab Ray Visiting Professor Microbiology from PGI Chandigarh spoke on “Basics of Scientific Presentation’’. Similarly, Prof. A. C. Anand Prof Emeritus, Gastroenterology spoke on “Patient Safety’’ and Prof. K. P. Tripathy Prof in Medicine dealt with “Good Clinical Practice.’’

In another session under theme “Research’’ while Associate Prof Psychiatry DrPranabMahapatra spoke on “Qualitative research’’, Prof. AnsumanPanigrahi from RMRC Bhubaneswar dealt with “Collaborative Research’’ and Prof SonaliKar from Community Medicine spoke about “Writing Grant Proposals’’. Dr. Bandita Panda Scientific Officer, R&D, KIMS discussed the topic “Proteomic tools in health care.’’      

Under the theme “Ethics and Patents’’ Prof. KashinathPadhiary from Dept of Medicine spoke on“When Communication Breaks Down’’,Dr. Shreya Chatterjee from School of Law, KIIT-DU on “Violence Against Doctors’’, Associate Professor Community Medicine Alpana Mishra on “ Medical Ethics’’ and Dr. BansidharMulia, Consultant Reconstructive Surgery , KIMS on “Filing Patents’’.


On the last day of the KIMS FDP during the morning session while Prof. Pallab Ray Visiting Professor Microbiology from PGI Chandigarh spoke on “Audio Visual  Aids’’, well-known surgeon from Millennium City Cuttack had a talk on “Robotics Surgery in Odisha’’ and Prof Prasant Padhan of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology, KIMS, spoke on “Precision Medicine’’. Similarly, Prof. Sudhir K Satpathy, former director, KSPH dealt with the topic “One World One Health’’.

Under the theme “Personal Development’’ Deputy Librarian KIMS Dr. Simanchala Behera spoke on “Literature Search’’, Col. Sukanta Tripathy Prof & HoD Immunohematology on “Beyond stethoscope – Exploring the fascinating world of medical terminology’’, Prof. Sumeet Jhajharia of Dept of Biochemistry on “Mentoring Mentees’’,  “Yoga and Spirituality’’ byDr. BiswaBanditaKar, Dean, School of Spiritualism and Yogic Sciences, KIIT-DU, “Challenges and issues in Medical Education’’ By Prof. CBK Mohanty Pro Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Medicine, KIMS, “Medical Audit’’ by Medical Superintendent KIMS and Prof Psychiatry RC Das, “Outcome based Medical Practice’’by Prof. Ashok Sar from SoM, KIIT-DU, “Clinico Pathological Conference’’ by Prof. Ashim Das  Visiting Prof.  (Pathology) from PGI Chandigarh and Dr. Pradeep Reddy, Resident Cardiology, KIMS.

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