KIMS Doctors Adopt Innovative Approach to Remove Tumour from Airway

A team of doctors at KIMS Bhubaneswar has done two rare surgeries consecutively within a span of two weeks through minimal invasive process with the help of endoscope to remove tumour in the lower end of trachea.

Usually, a tumour from trachea or airway is removed by surgery in which anaesthesia is given through a tube, but in these cases as the tumours were blocking the tracheal tube, the surgery was done with the help of the heart-lung-machine as anaesthesia could not be administered by tubing and to supply oxygen to the longs during the surgery, the heart-lung machine was chosen. The complex operations were carried out by doctors from ENT and Cardio Vascular and Thoracic Surgery (CTVS).

In the first case, on a 68-year-old male patient, the tumour in the lower end of the trachea was blocking the opening of lungs. After that success, within a week, another 46-year-old lady was operated by the same ENT and CTVS team of KIMS proving their ability to handle critical cases.

Both the surgeries were performed with the help of Heart Lung Machine, which is generally used in cardiac surgery. Both the patients are doing fine at KIMS and would be discharged soon.

Explaining the procedure, ENT HoD Prof. Khageswar Rout said “the tumours in both the cases were blocking the lungs and in the second case one part of the lung of the lady was not working. The strategic location of the tumour between heart and lung also posed a challenge for the ENT and CTVS team while planning for the surgery.

CTVS surgeon Chandan Kumar Ray Mohapatra said that in normal procedure, if the tumour is not critical, such surgery is done with ventilator support, while administering anaesthesia by tubing. However, as the tumour was too critical with respect to size and location, heart-lung machine was used to supply oxygen to the body during the surgery.’’

From KIMS ENT Department Prof Rout and Associate Prof. Pradipta Ranjan Sahoo participated in the surgeries and from CTVS Dr. Ray Mohapatra and HoD Prof. A Sharda were in the team. After the surgery, the patients were managed by anaesthesia team of Dr. Ashok Kumar Badmali and Dr. Gyan Ranjan Mishra.

The doctors have also thanked KIMS administration and especially to KIIT-KISS Founder Dr. Achyuta Samanta for providing the help to the needy.

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