Tibetan Monks and Nuns visit KIIT & KISS


More than 100 members of Thai-Indo-China Friendship Association comprising of the members of the said association, few monks and more than 30 nuns visited Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences today.

The group attended the daily prayer session of the students in the morning. The principal monk guided the students to recite some Buddhist Mantras. The multipurpose hall reverberated with Buddhist Chants and incantations, and the atmosphere was  filled with serenity and spiritual bliss.

A 94 year old Buddhist devotee from Thailand donated $100 to KISS. All the staff and students prayed for her good health and wish her centenary celebration to happen in KISS.The KIIT &KISS Founder Dr. Achyuta Samnta; Former VC of Utkal University of Culture Dr. Bimalendu Mohanty, and CEO of KISS Dr. Prasanta Routray were present on the occasion among others.

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