AICF to Open National Chess Academy in KIIT & KISS


The first full-fledged residential National Chess Academy will be set up at KIIT and KISS, announced Sanjay Kapoor and Bharat Singh Chouhan, President and Secretary of All Indian Chess Federation respectively. An unanimous decision to this effect was made at Central and General Council Meetings of the All India Chess Federation held at Jaipur, Rajasthan on 24th September 2021. While initially, the intake capacity of the Academy would be 100 students, they will be transformed into Masters & Grand Masters after pursuing proper education and training.

In fact, since 2009, KISS & KISS in general and Dr. Achyuta Samanta, in particular, have been leaving no stone unturned in promoting Chess and players financially from the grassroots level for the wholesome growth of the game and players. Remarkably, a Chess player from Odisha has established himself globally at the cost of 26 lakhs spent on his training, promotion, and preparation. For the last 12 years, KIIT & KISS has been organizing regional & International level Chess Meets like KIIT International Chess Festival; National Premier Chess Championship; National Open Rapid Chess; National Open Blitz Chess; World Junior Chess; Asian Cities Chess; and FIDE Trainers Seminar, etc. Thus KIIT has propelled the stature of Indian Chess to the Global Level. Besides, Chess has been inducted into School Curriculum for the first time in KIIT & KISS in 2011 and since then Chess education has been imparted to students.

Expressing his pleasure, Dr. Samanta said establishment of a Chess Academy has definitely been a historic initiative. After the declaration of such a landmark initiative, Dr. Samanta thanked Sanjay Kapoor, President, and Bharat Singh Chouhan, Secretary of All Indian Chess Federation. He also thanked Ranjan Mohanty, President of Odisha Chess Association as well as newly elected Joint Secretary of AICF; Debabratta Bhatta, Secretary, and IM Shekhar Sahoo.

Dr. Samanta said, following the cooperation of Odisha Chess Association, the Game itself has enjoyed immense mass appeal in Odisha but also the opening of the Chess Academy has become possible in KIIT & KISS. For The last 12 years, a massive effort has been carried out by KIIT & KSS for the popularization of Chess. Today such a relentless endeavor has fetched dividends and earned its due recognition.

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