International Webinar Organized by KIIT School of Humanities


The School of Humanities, KIIT Deemed to be University organized an International Webinar on “Stock Market Volatility During Covid-19 Pandemic and its Economic Implications” on 5th February 2021. The aim of the Webinar was to sensitize the participants about the basics of the stock market and also enable them in perceiving the outcomes, pros and cons of investment in the financial market and enhance their knowledge in this field for their future research and academic purposes.

The event was graced by Prof. Hrushikesh Mohanty, VC, KIIT-DU; Prof. Jnyana Ranjan Mohanty, Registrar;  Prof. A. K. Sen, Dean-in-charge, School of Humanities; and Prof. S. C. Swain, Associate Dean and Webinar Advisor, School of Humanities. Dr. Barendra Kumar Bhoi, Public Policy Expert and former Head of the Monetary Policy Department of RBI and Dr. Badri Narayan Rath, Professor in the Department of Liberal Arts, IIT Hyderabad, were the guest speakers.

Dr. Barendra Kumar Bhoi explained the basics of stock market volatility, global experience of stock market volatility during covid-19 pandemic, stock market volatility in India during covid-19 pandemic and its economic implications. According to him, the stock market is likely to remain buoyant for some time to come despite the short-term outlook which is not very good at this time. He ended on a positive note stating that structural reforms have been sustained in the budget, the expected bumper harvest in 2021, the Forex increase, relatively stable exchange rate and reasonable inflation among others indicates that the V-shaped recovery is possible. So the approach of investors should be to  seize the opportunities when challenges are daunting.

Dr. Badri Narayan Rath talked about the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on stock market volatility, current economic performance, stock market performance of BRIC during pandemic and three empirical studies on the impact of the pandemic with special reference to the Indian stock market. According to him, though India is the 2nd worst affected country in the World, this pandemic situation is not going to bring any drastic change in our stock market compared to other countries because of various policies of the Government to boost our economy. He opines that the recent announcement of the Union Budget will certainly boost the stock returns and reduce the volatility. Stock markets are expected to perform better in emerging economies like India in the years ahead.

The webinar started with a welcome note by Dr. S. Palit, Convener and S.C. Swain, Associate Dean, School of Humanities, KIIT-DU and was carried forward by Mamita Dash, Convener. The moderation was done by Dr. Ananya Mitra and Dr. Smrutirakha Mohanty, School of Humanities, KIIT-DU. The webinar ended with the vote of thanks by Mamita Dash, Convener, School of Humanities, KIIT-DU.

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