KIIT’s School of Electronics Engineering Celebrates Freshers Day With ‘KREWONICS’


The School of Electronics Engineering at KIIT DU celebrated its Freshers Day on Monday with a grand event titled ‘KREWONICS’. The programme was attended by the KIIT and KISS Founder Dr. AchyutaSamanta, who welcomed the new students to the KIIT family and urged them to maintain the dignity of the university.

Dr.Samanta emphasized that KIIT is more than just an educational institution; it is an alma mater that students will cherish for the rest of their lives. He reminded them that their success is the university’s success, and urged them to work hard and contribute to the nation.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Sasmita Samanta also addressed the gathering and spoke about the importance of culture and tradition in the KIIT system. She said that KIIT has excelled in various fields because it is grounded in culture and tradition. She also highlighted the importance of transmitting the university’s vision to each newcomer.

Pro Vice Chancellor Prof Saranjit Singh said that the Freshers Day welcome function is a way for seniors to roll out the red carpet for new students. He urged the new students to contribute to the Make in India initiative by increasing the percentage of home-grown electronic products.

KIIT Registrar Prof. Jnyana Ranjan Mohanty advised the new students to imbibe the positive attributes of their seniors and be sincere and disciplined in their studies to achieve everything in life.

The event was also marked by a series of cultural performances.

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