KIIT School of Electronics Engineering Organizes Lecture on “AI and ML using Xilinx”


KIIT School of Electronics Engineering (SoEE) organized a technical talk on ‘AI and ML using Xilinx’ under Speak and Search Lecture Series  on 04th June 2021 by CoreEL team, Bangalore. Mr Dushyant Gupta, Mr Mayank Sinha, and Mr Ankur Sangal from CoreEL Tech presented about Artix-7, FPGA architecture, PYNQ and Xilinx Vitis AI environment, demonstrated about Artificial Intelligence and ML design for image classifications using PYNQ and also highlighted about application of Xilinx technologies in Industries.

CoreEL Technologies offers innovative solutions in system design, and develops advanced electronic system level products for aerospace, defence, digital media broadcast, and Universities & Institutions of higher learning. The talk, attended by research scholars and faculty members, provided an idea about the state-of-the-art technology related to FPA design and implementation. The talk was coordinated by Dr J.K. Das, in the presence of Prof. Suprava Patnaik, Dean,  Prof. S.K Sabat, FIC, Speak and Search Lecture Series,  other faculty members and students of the School. 

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