KIIT Faculty Delivers Expert Talk in ISTE Approved FDP


Dr Suprava Patnaik, Professor, School of Electronics Engineering delivered an expert talk in 3 sessions of the FDP on the theme “Machine Learning and Applications”, organized by Xavier Institute of Engineering, Mumbai, during 21-26 July’21. The contexts of the deliveries were broadly from foundation level ML algorithms to recent deep learning acmes and some open challenges.

In her 1st presentation, on 21st July, she spoke about statistical insights and inferential approaches used in various ML algorithms. Subsequent presentation was about underlying optimization technologies, architectures and achievements of CNN model. Conception of stacking and knowledge transfer was demonstrated. In the concluding session, various approaches towards explainable ML models and the necessity of interpretable models were discussed.

The FDP was attended by around 50 faculties from various engineering colleges of Maharashtra and Goa. Google Colab demos, using python programming and Keras were well appreciated.