International Conference on Living in Digital World


The Digital World Interdisciplinary Research Group, KIIT-DU and KIIT School of Computer Engineering conducted the International Conference on Living in the Digital World (ICLDW-21) on 19th and 20th June 2021. Speaking at the meet, Prof. Hrushikesha Mohanty, Vice-Chancellor, KIIT-DU appreciated the efforts of the Digital World Interdisciplinary Research Group for organizing the conference, which had seven informative sessions and participants from six different countries. Prof. Jnyana Ranjan Mohanty, Registrar emphasized the need of living in the digital world.

Prof. Biswajit Sahoo, Director, KIIT School of Computer Engineering welcomed the delegates at the inaugural session, while Dr. Manjusha Pandey, Co-Convenor, ICLDW-21 briefed about the conference. It concluded with a vote of thanks by Prof. S. N. Mishra, Convenor, ICLDW-21.

Technical Sessions:

Talk-1 titled “Digital Human Existence” was delivered by Prof. Hrushikesha Mohanty. He provided valuable information to the participants regarding the evolution of the Digital World and the existence of humans in it.

Talk – 2 titled “Internet of Thing and Digital life: An assistive healthcare scenario” was delivered by Prof. Siba K Udgata, University of Hyderabad. He inculcated the Buddha philosophy to the current scenario of Covid pandemic and displayed brilliant skills from his python project IoT enabled device “third eye” for the disabled people which gives the user feeling of things around him.

Talk – 3 titled “Consumers in the digital world: real vs. virtual value co-creation” was delivered by Prof. Milena Ratajczak-Mrozek, Poznań University.

Talk – 4 titled “Digital Marketing: Porcupine with Quills” was delivered by Prof. Biswanath Swain, IIM Indore. Mr. Swain talked about the various start-ups that have emerged in India and in the rest of the world during the pandemic to cater to this emergency.

Talk – 5 titled “Digitation on Natural Resource Management” was delivered by Prof. Damodar Jena, KSRM, KIIT-DU. He talked about how natural resources were affecting economics, digital marketing is affecting the common masses and the advertisements influence people to buy more products.

Talk – 6 titled “Visualization of Source Code Smells” was delivered by alumni speaker Prof. Salman Abdul Moiz, University of Hyderabad. He talked about how to work on the semantics of taste and smell and define them using some digital terms.

Talk – 7 titled “Digital India: Public Policy, Debates, and Prospects” was delivered by Prof. S. N. Mishra, KSOM, KIIT-DU. Prof. Mishra gave an overview on technology and privacy, including their interactions with the laws.

The ICLDW-2021 was coordinated by Dr. Siddharth Sawrup Rautaray, KIIT School of Computer Engineering. Nitin Sultania, Shrestha Tiwari, Mayank, Shipli, Ritika, Swet and Sanidhya were the student coordinators.