Alumni Talk Series at KIIT School of Computer Engineering


KIIT School of Computer Engineering organized a series of alumni talks from 28th January to 5th February 2022. The talks were delivered by School of Computer Sciences alumni, Mr. Amit Jha (1998-2002 Batch), Mr. Swastik Tripathy (1998-2002 Batch), Mr. Priyaranjan Panda (2010-2014 Batch), Ms. Shivani Mishra (2016-2020 Batch), Mr. Kaustubh Dutta (2012-2016 Batch), and Mr. Nabendu Mishra (1998-2002 Batch).

In his talk on 28th January, Mr. Amit Jha introduced Raspberry Pi to students. It is an inexpensive computer developed by Raspberry Pi foundation with the intent of making computing more interesting and fun for students. He showed some sample projects on Raspberry Pi and elaborated on the possibilities of applying Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins to interface with other hardware and sensors. These projects include building robots, personal websites, temperature and light data collection, Machine Learning and Gaming, he explained. Mr. Jha is currently working as Software Engineer at 1904Labs at St. Louis, MO, USA in Machine Learning domain.

Mr. Swastik Tripathy delivered a talk on cloud computing, explaining its need, current market share, and why big fortune companies rely on this. He spoke about different cloud models, service offerings and benefits that the big hyperscalers companies are providing. A use case on AWS was provided to understand the architecture and interconnection of various components in a large project. Mr. Tripathy is currently working as the portfolio manager of Capgemini in the cards and payment area.

In their talks on 29th January, Mr. Priyaranjan Panda, Software Development Engineer, Amazon Web Services; Ms. Shivani Mishra; and Mr. Kaustubh Dutta, Application Developer at Nokia LLC in Canada helped students on the topic of studying abroad. Mr. Panda discussed his entire journey of cracking the placements to prepare and finally studying at Northeastern University, USA. Ms. Mishra, who is currently pursuing her Master at University of Liverpool, UK in Big Data and Data Analytics, presented her views and answered common questions pertaining to student life and preparing to study in the UK.

Mr. Dutta showed students the path of doing the undergraduate journey in the correct way to prepare properly for IELTS and GRE exams to shortlist universities and finally being there to study. The talks were hosted by Rahul Mishra and Prashant Upadhyay, 2nd year CSE students.

Mr. Nabendu Mishra delivered a talk on ‘Modern B.Tech. Projects on Recent Trends around AI, ML, IoT, 4G/5G, DA, and CC’ on 5th February. He discussed the scope of the B.Tech project on recent trends and also presented his work on different projects like smart car parking, smart street lighting, smart flood monitoring, smart traffic and pedestrian crossing, smart safe distancing, with a live demo on “Oracle Cloud Smart City Implementation with Vision AI”. Mr. Mishra is currently working as the Senior Consultant in EY technology Cloud Engineering.

All the speakers expressed their gratitude to their alma mater and Prof. Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS for being supportive and encouraging, which gives them strength to “believe on themselves” and reach the sky. The sessions were managed by Mr. Sammidhha Palit, Ms. Ridheema, Mr. Subhraneel Chattopadhyay and Vivian, B.Tech 2nd year students. The talks were coordinated by Dr. Satarupa Mohanty, Dr. Namita Panda and Prof. Sital Dash. Each session was attended by more than 150 students, faculty members and the staff of School of Computer Engineering.