Kala Nirmanika Celebrations at School of Civil Engineering Marked The Beginning of New Batch


The School of Civil Engineering at KIIT celebrated “Kala Nirmanika” freshers’ day on September 26, underlining the central role of civil engineering in the world of academics and professional careers.

The celebration commenced with an inspiring message from the founder of KIIT Dr. AchyutaSamanta, who stressed that the civil branch should remain active and vibrant, serving as the cornerstone of technological progress. He said that despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the School of Civil Engineering achieved commendable placement records over the past three years, illustrating that civil and mechanical engineering degrees are marketable across all sectors.

Pro Vice Chancellor Prof Saranjiit Singh highlighted KIIT’s culture of unity and emphasized that students come to the institution with dreams and aspirations that are nurtured here. He emphasized the importance of aspirational thinking, and how it plays a pivotal role in one’s journey towards success. Prof. Saranjiit Singh also applauded the high-quality faculty at the School of Civil Engineering for their dedication and commitment to nurturing future engineers.

Vice Chancellor Prof. SasmitaSamanta, in her address, expressed her optimism about the rapid growth of infrastructure. She noted that the demand for skilled civil engineers is set to surge as infrastructure development remains a top priority worldwide. Prof. Samanta also praised the School of Civil Engineering for its commitment to academic excellence and its contributions to this critical field.

Prof. Sanjib Moulick, the Dean of the School of Civil Engineering, and KIIT Registrar J R Mohanty also spoke on the occasion, sharing valuable insights and advice with the freshers. Their words of wisdom and encouragement resonated with the attendees, inspiring them to embark on their academic journey with enthusiasm and dedication.

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