KIIT School of Biotechnology Organizes Kuora-Chapter Two


KIIT School of Biotechnology organized Chapter Two of Kuora Alumni Talk Series with Ms. Ria Dutta, VP-Sales, Clevergene Biocorp Pvt. Ltd. The session was hosted by Dr. Gopal Chowdhary, while Dr. Srinivas Pattnaik, Dean, KSBT welcomed the dignitaries, faculties and participants.

In her talk, Ms. Dutta enlightened the students on the importance of technical aptitude and skills, along with virtues like patience, clarity, hard-work and dedication needed to excel in their field of choice. She emphasized that in order to excel in an industrial setting, one needs to constantly keep oneself updated and be open to learning new things as they come. As a student, she had meticulously worked out her own inclination towards Marketing and Sales by assessing her positive attributes. She motivated the students to develop such clarity and envision the kind of work they wish to pursue for a successful recruitment and work-life.

She also took questions from the participants. “What is the mindset and the value systems required by students when they join the corporate world?” was one of the questions asked by Dr. Srinivas Pattnaik.

Ms. Ria Dutta, an alumna of the KIIT School of Biotechnology, pursued Integrated Msc. Dual Degree, batch of 2009-2014. After completing her degree, she began her humble journey to the top by starting her work as a Bioinformatics Analyst at Genotypic Technology Pvt. Ltd. and developed pipelines and data analytics systems for Microarray and NGS which finds huge applications today in the era of post-genomics industrial world. Upon completion of a successful tenure in the biotechnological domain of informatics and analytics, she proceeded to the business development domain, initially as an intern in Bionivid Technology Pvt. Ltd. and within a year she was made head of marketing and sales.

The session was interactive and informative, where the students got an opportunity to ask critical questions on the industrial and corporate world. Dr. Gopal Chowdhary ended the session by proposing the vote of thanks. 

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