Department of Mathematics, KIIT-DU Organizes 2nd International Webinar on Recent Development on Number Theory


As a part of its outreach programme, the Department of Mathematics under KIIT School of Applied Sciences organized the 2nd International Webinar on “Recent Development on Number Theory (RDNT-2021)” October 1- 4, 2021. The webinar was inaugurated by Prof. Hrushikesh Mohanty, Vice Chancellor, KIIT-DU in the presence of Prof. Jnyana Ranjan Mohanty, Registrar; Prof. Pramod Kumar Das, Organising Chair and Prof. Sapan Kumar Samal, Department Coordinator. Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Prof. Hrushikesh Mohanty highlighted the importance of applications of number theory in real life.

The invited speaker Prof. Alain Togbe delivered an informative talk on some exponential Diophantine equations involving sequences. Prof. Togbe is working as a Professor at Purdue University Northwest, USA. The second speaker Dr. Shanta Laishram, Professor of Mathematics, Indian Statistical Institute delivered a talk on a conjecture of Erdos on squares in arithmetic progression. He provided an overview of the problem with emphasis on the squares case and presented some new results and related problems.

Speaking on the second day, Prof. Augustine Munagi delivered a talk on multicolor compositions and conjugation of n-color compositions. Prof. Munagi is working as a Professor at University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. At the second session of the day, Dr. Brundaban Sahu, Associate Professor, School of Mathematical Sciences, NISER, Bhubaneswar spoke on modular forms and the number of representations of a natural number by certain quadratic forms.

On the third day, Prof. Steven J. Miller delivered a wonderful and informative talk on the evidence for the Kart-Sarnak density conjecture for low-lying zeros and applications to central point vanishing of L-function. Prof. Miller is working as a Professor of Mathematics at Williams College, USA. The next speaker, Prof. Srinivas Kotyada, Professor of Mathematics, Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc), Chennai presented an informative talk on the zeros of Riemann zeta-function and its analogues.  

Dr. Bijan Kumar Patel, Convenor proposed the vote of thanks, while Mr. Utkal Keshari Dutta, Co-Convenor moderated the sessions.

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