Celebration of “National Science Day” by KIIT School of Applied Sciences


School of Applied Sciences, KIIT-DU organized an online event to celebrate the journey of science in India on 27th February 2022, on the eve of National Science Day. The event, which formed a part of the weeklong celebration of science, was inaugurated in the presence of Prof. J. R. Mohanty, Registrar, KIIT-DU; Prof. Sudarshan Nanda, Head CIR; and Prof. Prasanta Rath, Dean, KIIT School of Applied Sciences, among other dignitaries.

The event hosted eminent speakers from various fields of science showcasing science in India beyond boundaries. They included Dr. Pabitra K. Nayak from TIFR Hyderabad; Dr. Bibhu Ranjan Sarangi from IIT Palakkad; Ms. Shraddha Narayanan, Director, INK Studio; and Dr. Gopal K. Pradhan from KIIT-DU. The lectures spanned different fields of science such as material science, Physics, Biology and biotechnology. It started with a talk about Sir C V Raman Dr. G. K. Pradhan. It shed light on the great scientist’s career and scientific endeavors, but also on his Himalayan contribution in shaping up IISc and RRI as premier scientific institutions in India.

Dr. Pabitra Nayak, a material scientist and expert in the field of soft semiconductors and optoelectronic devices, delivered a lecture titled, “Moving to the sunny side”. Dr. Nayak, a recipient of Swarna Jayanti Fellowship 2021, gave a wonderful overview on perovskites and the recent developments in the field of solar cells.

Dr. Bibhu Ranjan Sarangi delivered a talk on “Physics of living systems’, in which he made the statement that biology is the new Physics. The last lecture was delivered by Ms. Shraddha Narayanan, who heads the Idea accelerator vertical of INK Studios and is the Director of talent acquisitions, INK Studio. Her talk was titled “Science beyond boundaries”, where she explained how scientific knowledge can be extremely useful to those who stick to scientific fields or who chose to use it in other fields.

Prof. J. R. Mohanty and Prof. S. Nanda remembered Sir C V Raman on the occasion and welcomed the speakers and thanked them for their deliberations. Dr. Nikita Mohapatra proposed the vote of thanks. The session was open to students from various schools and colleges, besides students and faculty members of KIIT. The session was successfully conducted via the online Zoom platform by Ms. Simran Singhdeo, Ms. Anwesha Mishra, Dr. Jagnayseni Tripathy and Dr. Jatin K. Sinha.