Research is the quest to explore the hidden and refine the existing body of knowledge. It has become the life-line of every teaching institution. With this aim, one day seminar was organised by the faculties of KINS on 27.2.2018 from 2 –5 pm in the 1st year B.Sc classroom. Dr. Bhaskar Thakur, Asst. Prof. Statistics, KIMS was invited to grace the occasion. The educational venture commenced at 2 pm with the lighting of lamp by the Principal and senior faculties of KINS. The first session of seminar was on “Steps of research process” conducted by Mrs. Kalyani Rath, Asso. Professor, KINS. She highlighted the fundamentals and steps of research. Next session started at 3pm by Prof. Niyati Das, Vice Principal, KINS explained regarding the conceptual framework which was highly educative and interesting one and Dr. Thakur also gave some input on the topic. Afterwards, there was a 10 mins tea-break followed by the last session on “Sampling technique” conducted by Mr. Asokan R, Asso. Professor, KINS.

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