Report on Journal Club Presentation


On 22nd June 2016 Kalinga Institute of Nursing Sciences added a new feather to its ever growing popularity by introducing Journal club presentations for Faculties and Post Graduate nursing students.
Program started at 3 PM in KIMS Lecture Hall-2. All faculties and M.Sc. 1st& 2nd year nursing students of KINS were in attendance. Asst. Prof (Mrs) Suchismita Sahoo welcomed the gathering & introduced the speakers for the presentations. Prof (Mrs) Amrita Lenka, Principal KINS (CON) chaired the session comprising of three presentations by faculty of KINS. At 3:30 PM first speaker Mr. Chandan Pradhan presented on the research article, “Do knowledge, knowledge sources and reasoning skills affect the accuracy of nursing diagnosis? A randomised study.” After presentation discussion & critics was open to the floor. Then at 4:15 PM the second speaker Ms. Sujata Mohapatra delivered her oration on “Rotavirus Vaccine: Current development & future considerations- An explorative longitudinal study” followed by the discussion. Finally in third session of the day, Mrs. N. Sadhana Priyadarshini spoke about “Cooling in the real world; therapeutic hypothermia in hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. A randomized control trial”, followed by critics on the article.
At 5:45 PM vote of thanks was given by Mrs Pramila Baxila & program was concluded with thanks to all.

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