KINS Organizes e-Seminar on “Innovative Teaching Strategies and its Application in Nursing” Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela.



Revolution in Nursing Education is the result of advancement in innovation in teaching and learning strategies. With an aim to update recent advancements in innovative teaching methods, 1st year M.Sc. Nursing students of Kalinga Institute of Nursing Sciences (KINS) organized a three-day e-Seminar on “Innovative Teaching Strategies and its Application in Nursing” from October 28 – 30, 2021.

In her welcome address, Prof. Niyati Das, Principal, College of Nursing highlighted the significance of application of new methods of teaching learning to raise the standard  Nursing Education.

The first day of the e-Seminar covered topics such as Telemedicine (by Ms. Tongbram Rabina Devi); Innovation in Nursing Education (by Ms. Rashmita Sahu); Epidiascope & LCD (by Ms. Sramana De); Graph and Posters (by Mr. Debasis Pradhan); Innovation in Nursing Practice (by Mr. Shivajiranjan Lenka); and Computer and TV (Ms. Lipsa Priyadarshini Kuanar).        

Topics like Problem Based Learning (by Ms. Shikha Sonali Ekka); Lesson Plan (Mr. Pritam Ranjan Nag); Laboratory Method (by Ms. Snigdha Maity); Flipped Classroom Method (by Ms. Baliji Rohini); Outcome-based Education (by Ms. Disha Sinha); Women Empowerment (by Ms. Anwesha Ghara); and Competency-based Education (by Ms. Aditi Das) were discussed on the second day.          

Similarly, the third day session featured talks on Computer Application for Patient Care (by Ms Aishwarya Sahoo); Blended learning (by Mrs Nilam Mishra); Field trip (by Ms Swagata Sahoo); Radio, Video tape recorder (by Ms Subhalaxmi Sahoo); Diorama, models and specimen (by Ms Piyali Sen); Puppets, Cartoons and Puppetry show (by Ms Sushree Manisha Priyadarsini); and Types of Boards (by Mr Soubhagya Ranjan Khiller).            

All sessions were followed by a question answer round and feedback from the faculty members. All the faculty members of KINS, students of M.Sc (N) 1st year, B.Sc. (N) 4th year and GNM 3rd year and interns participated in the seminar. The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms Anwesha Ghara, M.Sc. (N) 2nd year.

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