Food Fest marks Global World Health Day at KINS


Global World Health Day was celebrated on 7th April 2015. Theme for this year was “Food safety,” highlighting the challenges and opportunities associated with food safety under the slogan “From farm to plate, make food safe.”

With respect to the theme of W.H.O, Kalinga Institute of Nursing Sciences organized a food-fest to highlight the practice of food hygiene in preparation, storage & serving. Food fest was organized in KINS premises with about 15 stalls on display by students of both school & college of nursing.  Preparation, storage and display of the items were totally beard by the students of respective stalls. Foods ranging from South Indian, North Indian, Continental, Chinese, Thai and local dishes were prepared by the students. Along with the food fest students also spread the message of food hygiene with charts and use of gloves for serving. Faculty members of KINS were given responsibility to supervise the stalls for smooth selling.
Inauguration of the fest was done by Director PBMH, Prof. Dr. S.C Das at 4:30 PM, in the presence of Principal CON, Prof. Mrs. Amrita Lenka and Principal SON, Ms. Pramoda Nayak. Nursing Superintendent, Mrs. Malati Rao, along with incharges and staff nurses of various wards also made their presence felt. Mr. Dilip Kumar Panda, Deputy registrar,  Mr. Dilip Jena, DDO, and Mr. Alok Nath, AO Sir also supported the cause with their presence. Patients and their relatives also came to  for the delightful tasty treat. Students from nursing, medical, dental as well as engineering students had their mouthful taste appetizers.

Token system was in place for each stall ranging from Rs-/ 10 to Rs-/ 35. About 50 coupons were distributed to each stall for their selling. With so many attendees the food fest was a grand success as the most of the items finished in half an hour of the display. By 6:30 PM the wrapping up of the fest and closing was done. Students incurred approximately 10-15 % profit from the sales of their items. Out of which 2% is donated to the Student Nurses association. List of food items along with group is attached with this report.

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