Day-2 of KINS e-Seminar on Teaching Methods


Five informative technical sessions marked the second day of the e-Seminar on ‘Teaching Methods, A.V. Aids Application of Nursing Theory’ organized by Kalinga Institute of Nursing Sciences (KINS) on 19th January 2021.

In her session on ‘Calista Roy’s Adaptation Theory’, Ms. Anita Panigrahi explained the major concepts of the theory and provided suitable examples to apply it to develop nursing care plans. Mr. Partha Sarathi Jena spoke on ‘Virginia Handerson’s Need Theory’. Introducing the proponent of the theory, he elaborated on individual, environment, health and nursing as its four meta-paradigms.

The third session on ‘Dorothea Elizabeth Orem’s Self-care Theory’ was taken by Ms. Pragyan Paramita Bhoi. She explained the general theory of nursing under three interrelated theories given by Orem – Self-care theory, Theory of self-care deficit and Theory of nursing system. In her session on ‘Imogene M. King’s Theory of Goal Attainment’, Ms. Sonali Mangaraj explained the theory under three major frameworks – personal system, inter-personal system and social system.

The final session was taken by Ms. Anusikta Panda on ‘Hildegard Peplau’s Interpersonal Theory’. Question & answer and discussion followed each session. The seminar was attended by around 128 participants on the second day.

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