Counselling Session Organized for KINS Teaching,Non-teaching Staff and Their Family Members


A counselling  session was organized  for the teaching and non teaching staff and their family members of KINS on 18th May 2021 on the topic “Hope in Times of COVID.”

Presiding over the session, Dr. Sucheta Priyabadini, Director, Student Services, KIIT highlighted the hazardous effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the personal and professional life and the need for open discussion forum for exploring people’s perspective of the pandemic and suggesting measures to mitigate it.

Prof. (Mrs.) Amarita Lenka, Principal, KINS congratulated the speakers for this noble initiative. She elaborated on the devastating effect of the pandemic on public health, food system and human life and stated that counselling  is  the need of the hour to provide psychological first aid to relieve distress and prevent the occurrence of serious mental issues.

Mrs. Sadhana Mishra,   Social Development Officer, KISS-DU inspired everyone to cultivate hobbies, make productive use of time, and foster communications to  create and radiate positive vibes  for making a difference in the society .

Mrs. Lalita Pattnaik, CCMO, KIMS instilled a ray of hope and strength amongst the participants by quoting “Life is not an easy cup of tea, it’s a roller coaster ride. Use your experiences, wit, and support system to combat the battle”. She advised everyone to  do self talk, identify the cues of stresses and to diffuse them for empowering self.

The next session was open to the floor for sharing of experiences. Describing his experiences as  supervisor at COVID hospital, Mr. Chandan Pradhan, Clinical Instructor, KINS  shared his feelings of irritability and despair generated due to the workplace and sought help from the speakers. All the speakers praised him for his move  and suggested him not to keep expectations as expectations are the causes of stress and motivated him by saying that almighty is noting all our deeds and our KARMA is our identity. Instead of getting blown away by others’ uncooperative behavior we should focus on our duty, they said.

Mrs. Kalyani Rath, Associate Professor, KINS also shared her experience with the audience. She thanked all the COVID warriors and staff of KIMS for their relentless  and selfless service and quoted that if we get what we wish then it’s God’s direction and if we do not get what we wish then it’s God’s protection.

Mr. R. Asokan, Associate Professor, KINS shared his agony and sorrow  due to sudden demise of his Covid positive aunt and how he recovered and regained his mental peace by reading BHAGAVAD GITA.

Mrs. Sradhanjali Biswal and Mrs. Rashmi Ranjita, Tutor, KINS also shared their journey of COVID along with their recovery story. The interesting session  continued for around 2 hours.