FDP 2021 Concludes at KIIT School of Humanities, School of Commerce & Economics, and School of Languages


Niche Area: Progressive Approaches for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Research

(Amid Impending Paradigm Shift in Education)

The fifth day of the Faculty Development Programme at KIIT School of Humanities, School of Commerce & Economics and School of Languages was graced by eminent resource persons Prof. Prasanta Parida, Prof. Banibrata Mahanta, Prof. R. N. Subudhi, and Prof. Narayan Chandra Nayak.

The theme of the fifth day of the FDP was “Project, Research Design and Protection”. First session was engaged by Dr. Prasanta Parida, Associate Professor, School of Rural Management, KIIT Deemed to be University. It was an enriching session whereby Dr. Parida elaborated about the contents of a good research project and the process to apply for them. He also shared his own views on how to carry out research after getting a project proposal.

In second session, Dr. Banibrata Mahanta, Professor, Department of English, Banaras Hindu University shared his wisdom on “Accessibility in Digital Resources and Practices: Interstitial Perspectives and Prospects”. He focused on the challenges faced by disable person in accessing the resources and presented various cases about it.

Prof. R. N. Subudhi. Sr. Professor, School of Management, KIIT-DU shared his knowledge on the topic “Leveraging Research/ projects: Linking research in Teaching, for Excellence” in the third session. He emphasized on the role of research methodology reliability and validity and advised various means to make research methodologies more robust and effective.

In session four, Dr. Narayan Chandra Nayak, Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Kharagpur explained the significance and types of multi-disciplinary research that can be undertaken. He explained the issues and challenges of multidisciplinary research and suggested solutions to overcome them using practical examples from his own research area.

On day six, a marathon session was taken by Mr. Asutosh Nanda, Lead- Tech Enabling Centre, KIIT-TBI. He conducted a workshop on “Generation and Protection of Intellectual Property: A Social Perspective”. He explained very lucidly about the types of Intellectual Property Rights and its suitability for various kinds of innovative works. He gave numerous examples of social innovative research and innovation behind them. He demonstrated how to register for patents, copyrights and trademarks and how to find out all the patented work in the world using the EspaceNet database.

Dr. Debasis Pahi, Assistant Professor, School of Commerce & Economics welcomed all the dignitaries and participants to the valedictory session on 26th June 2021. He abridged about the relevance and benefit of each session to the participants based on their feedback collected during the session. Dr. Pahi observed that participants appreciated the selection of the theme and the niche area. Dr. Pahi briefed the content delivered by esteemed resource persons during the FDP. He concluded his session by sharing his own experience from the day the responsibility was handed to the FDP-Team till the end.

In the next session, Dr. Ananya Mitra, Assistant Professor (Economics), School of Humanities coordinated the session on ‘Sharing of Experience on FDP 2021 by the Participants’. During the session participants shared their opinions, expectations, feedback and comments on sixteen sessions that were conducted. Participants thanked KIIT Deemed to be University for taking the initiative to organize week long FDP during the pandemic. They expressed their desire for more similar academic events in the coming days on Data analysis using software, Meta analysis, SDG and many more.  Dr. Mitra extended her heartfelt thanks to the participants for their patience and solid support.

The vote of thanks was extended by Dr. Smrutirekha Mohanty, Assistant Professor (Economics), School of Humanities. She expressed gratitude to KIIT Deemed to be University for providing the facilities to conduct the FDP-2021. She also  thanked ProfAsish Kumar Sen, Chairman, UG Programme, Schools of Technology and Dean-in-Charge, School of Humanities; Prof. Jayanta Kumar Parida, Director of School of Commerce & Economics; Prof. Biswajit Das, Dean of School of Languages; and Prof. Sukanta Chandra Swain, Associate Dean, School of Humanities for their guidance, inspiration and support throughout the event. She expressed  gratitude to all the resource persons who spared their precious time from their busy schedule for FDP-2021. She also appreciated the cooperation of all the participants, colleagues and team members who were behind the scene.

At the end of the valedictory day, one and all appreciated Dr. Ananya Mitra, Dr. Smrutirekha Mohanty and Dr. Debasis Pahi for  coordinating the FDP-2021 efficiently and successfully.

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