KSMC Hosts Special Lecture on “Behind the Scenes in British & Indian Football”


The KIIT School of Mass Communication (KSMC) hosted a special lecture titled “Behind the Scenes in British & Indian Football” by Mr. Raj Athwal, President of Odisha FC on 29th March 2023. The lecture aimed to provide students with valuable insights into the media and communication aspects of the sports industry, highlighting emerging scopes and opportunities for those interested in pursuing careers in communication and journalism.

Dr. Rajeev Kumar Panda, the Course Coordinator of the School, introduced the event, while Dr. Sananda Mukherjee introduced the guest to the audience. The lecture was engaging, informative, and provided students with a unique opportunity to learn from a leading professional in the sports industry.

In the lecture, Mr. Athwal shared his experiences and expertise on various topics, including the challenges of operating a football club in India, the role of media and communication in the sports industry, and the emerging opportunities for students in this field. In addition, Pragyan Ray, an alumnus of KSMC and current Community Manager at Odisha FC, shared her journey from KSMC to Odisha FC, inspiring current students to pursue similar paths in the sports industry.

The lecture also provided a platform for students to engage with Odisha FC and explore potential internship opportunities with the club. KSMC is confident that continued engagement with the club will strengthen the association between the two organizations.

The event was anchored by Dishari Banerjee, a 2nd Semester MCJ student, and Aniruddha Jena, PhD, offered the vote of thanks at the end of the event. The lecture was attended by KSMC students and faculty, as well as members of the media and sports industry. Overall, the event was a great success, providing valuable insights and opportunities for students interested in pursuing careers in sports communication and journalism.

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