NSS Unit, KIIT Law School and KIIT NSS Bureau Celebrate National Youth Day-2022


The NSS Unit, KIIT Law School and KIIT NSS Bureau organized the webinar celebrating National Youth Day-2022 on 12th January, 2022 through virtual platform. Prof. (Dr.) Bhavani Prasad Panda, Director, KIIT Law School addressed the gathering with a welcome address followed by a speech of Dr. Kajal Parashar, Programme Coordinator, KIIT NSS Bureau.

Prof. (Dr.) Bishnu Charan Choudhury, Formerly Professor, Berhampur University, Odisha, an erudite speaker, was the Chief Guest of the event who spoke on the philosophies of Swami Vivekananda and the Indian national ethos. He emphasized on the role of youth in nation building by incorporating the values of ethics, compassion, and empathy amongst others so that they can nurture themselves to become future responsible citizens of the country. This will ensure a national development hinged on active participation by the youth.

Dr. Choudhury laid focus on the obstacles to national integration as discussed by Swami Vivekananda such as communalism, caste, religion, linguistic factor, narrow mindedness, social inequality, poverty, etc. Finding a suitable solution to the aforesaid challenges was also thrown light upon when he discussed about Swami Vivekananda’s concepts of inclusive growth, one nation, one language, etc. He was articulate about how there should be loyalty and belongingness towards the nation. He highlighted National Integration which should instill national pride by ensuring that the youth should follow the fundamental duties as mentioned in the Indian Constitution.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Jinia Kundu, Programme Coordinator, NSS Unit, KIIT Law School. The host for the event was Ms Ashika Ranjan, and the student rapporteurs were Ms Sai Laxmi Kamila and Ms Charvi. The event was attended by NSS volunteers, teachers and Programme Officers.