KIIT Law School Organizes National Webinar on “Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Implications for India”


The Department of Social Sciences and Humanities (DSSH), KIIT Law School organized a National Webinar on “Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Implications for India” on 2nd April 2022. The webinar was organized by the Faculty Convener Dr. Sanghamitra Patnaik, Associate Professor and Head, DSSH under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) Bhavani Prasad Panda, Director, KIIT Law School.

In his welcome address, Prof. Panda underscored the importance of the topic and highlighted the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict and its impact on international law and contemporary global politics. He also opined that the conflict between two nations influenced the ecosystem of relationships between nation-states and global order. Dr. Sanghamitra Patnaik, the faculty convener of the webinar emphasized the interplay of various dynamics of the theory of International Relations in the context of Russia-Ukraine conflicts and highlighted the role of the United Nations in global politics.

The speaker Prof. Dr. Chintamani Mahapatra (Former Pro-Vice Chancellor and Professor at the Centre for Canadian, US and Latin America Studies) School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi delivered lecture as he spoke extensively on the complexities of the Russian-Ukraine conflict and how it may influence India’s foreign policy in the future. Prof. Mahapatra further emphasized on the fall outs of the war including Germany’s unprecedented increase in defence expenditure, declining stock markets, disruptive supply chain, skyrocketing energy prices and its impact on developing countries. Lastly, in his concluding remarks Prof. Mahapatra focused on the stand of India in Russia-Ukraine conflict that reflects India’s priority of her own national interests vis-a-vis the strategic partnerships with both US and Russia.

An enriching interactive session was moderated by Mr. Satya Narayan Jena, Assistant Professor, KIIT Law School. The webinar was concluded with a profuse appreciation to the speaker for his thought-provoking discussion. A vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Ramesh Chandra Sethi, Assistant Professor, KIIT Law School. This webinar was attended by around 70 students, alumni who were nominated by US Department of State from Odisha under different programs like IVLP, SUSI and Fulbright Fellowships along with faculties and research scholars from KIIT Law School.

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