KIIT Law School Organizes Lecture on “Commercialization, Portfolio Analysis and Valuations: Role of an IP Manager”


The Centre for Intellectual Property Studies (CIPS), KIIT Law School (KLS) organized a guest lecture on ‘Commercialization, Portfolio Analysis and Valuations: Role of an IP Manager’ on 21st August 2021 for the 4th and 5th year students of IPR Hons. course at KLS. The resource person for the lecture was Mr. Pulkit Popli who is an Intellectual Property Portfolio Manager at One IP International Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia. He is an intellectual property consultant focusing on Patent Commercialization, Patent Portfolio Analysis, Technology and IP Valuations, and has significant experiences and insights in IP commercialization, IP Due-diligence and Patent portfolio management

Mr. Popli started with a simple example of purchase of property co-relating with the intellectual properties being a tangible asset. He went on to explain how IP assets structurally can be commercialized. He kept the class interesting and engaging by following with examples of Coca-Cola, Apple & Samsung in IP commercialization. He further taught students the process of identifying, protecting, enforcing, monetizing and strategizing the life cycle of IP assets and the steps of commercializing by an IP manager. Finally, he spoke about managing the patent portfolio for analysis. He also solved various doubts relating to the session by the students.

All the faculty members and students of the Centre and IP Department actively participated in the session and the resource person. The lecture could evoke enthusiasm among the students to research more about IP Commercialization from various perspectives.