KIIT Law School Conducts Seminar on ‘Stock Market and Investment’


The Centre for Studies in Business and Corporate Law (KCBCL), under the aegis of the Department of Business Law and Corporate Governance of KIIT Law School conducted a Seminar on the topic ‘Stock Market and Investment’ on 22nd November 2022. It was graced by Mr. Krishna Rath, SEBI Registered Investment Adviser, IIM (Indore), Associate Fellow LOMA (USA).

The Event commenced with a brief introduction of the Speaker by Ms. Aporva Sekhar, Student Coordinator, KCBCL followed by Prof. (Dr.) Bhavani Prasad Panda, Director, KLS and Chairperson of KCBCL delivering the welcome address.

The speaker initiated the Seminar by emphasizing on the saying of Warren Buffet “Never invest in a business you can’t understand.” to give a basic explanation highlighting the importance of checking and studying the parameter on selection of companies before investing in the stock market. He went on to elucidate on IPO (Initial Public Offering) and Offer for Sale components for raising finance. The speaker held a brief discussion on Financial Institutional Investors and carried forward the session with the discussion on mutual fund, ETFS, ELSS and derivatives and explained the importance of investing in them.

The speaker then explained the primary objective of investing in the equity market. He presented statistics to show how 10cr+ investors had a Nifty return of 11.2% for over 25 years which has been witnessed by 5000+ companies with a market cap of $3.4 trillion. He further explained the features of Capital Appreciation, better liquidity, beating inflation and strong regulatory environment. Adding up on his elaboration, he further discussed on how the Indian economy can surpass Chinese and American, if it shifts its focus from service based industry to manufacturing industry.

The speaker elucidated on the Equity Stock Selection process, where he briefly discussed on Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. Explaining the former one, he said it focuses on three aspects like Economy, Industry and Company. For an illustration of Industry, he discussed about real estate, healthcare, consumer goods and steel production. While speaking on Technical analysis he discussed on diversification. The speaker also advised to invest in real estate, fixed products, PPF, FD and SSY, apart from just Equity.

The speaker concluded the session by presenting a case study on the companies of Relaxo Footwear and Titan; further he cited the root cause of the huge sale of Relaxo lies in the distribution channel process which further facilitates the revenue collection process.

The valuable insight that was granted into this concept encouraged and stimulated the knowledge of the participants to gain more clarity and understanding of the concept. As many as 120 participants attended the seminar.

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