KSOM Organizes Knowledge Dialogue Forum, ‘Konfabulate’


KIIT School of Management (KSOM) organized ‘Konfabulate’, the Knowledge Dialogue Forum, featuring Shri Anil Swarup, Fmr. Education Secretary, Govt. of India & Author on 6th August 2022. The interaction session with the students was facilitated by Shri Debraj Pradhan, IFS (Retd.), DG – International Relations, KIIT & Fmr. Diplomat and Shri S. N. Mishra, Prof Emeritus.

Welcoming Shri Anil Swarup, Prof. S. K. Mahapatra, Director, KSOM introduced him as a much acclaimed mandarin of India and advised students to pay keen attention to his words of wisdom. The session brought deep insights for students on the working of Indian Civil Servants and how corporate representatives can best deal with them.

Shri Swarup, who has authored three books on Civil Services, narrated many interesting nuggets from his career as a civil servant. He spoke about “Nexus of Good”, which he has founded to identify, understand, appreciate, propagate and replicate good works done by civil servants in different parts of India. He also spoke about his books which describe in detail about the different facets of being a civil servant.

The address was followed by a dialogue session between Shri Swarup and Shri Pradhan. Shri S. N. Mishra, who has also served in the Indian Civil Service, moderated the Q&A session with the audience and proposed the vote of thanks. Two Students were presented with autographed books by Shri Swarup for asking incisive questions. Over 400 students and faculty member attended the session, which was facilitated by Prof. Isa Mishra, Chairperson, ‘Konfabulate’, anchored by Ishan Rath, assisted by Anisha Nayak for IT support. The backstage support was provided by Sivani Patra and Neha Mukherjee, all MBA students of KSOM.

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