KSOM Conducts Farewell of MBA 2019-21 Batch Virtually


We create the most precious memories of life while we are students. We remember them, cherish them, talk about them and laugh about them

The pandemic has deprived the students of the fun of their college life. Their experience is limited to the laptop screens now. It was painful for the 2019 – 21 batch of KSOM students that they could enjoy only a few days on the campus. It was even more painful to bid them farewell on virtual mode.

Team Sanskriti, the cultural club of KSOM, worked hard to make the last event of the outgoing batch a memorable one. It was attended by Director, KSOM, Prof. S. K Mohapatra, who taught the students the importance of learning from our past to create a better future. Dean, Prof. S. N. Misra reminded the students about the valuable virtues one must cultivate to be a better human being.

Prof. Ashok Kumar Sar, Chairperson of MBA Program talked about the importance of the Art of Living in our lives. It was a day on which memories were shared, lessons of life were shared, tips and tricks for having fun were shared and laughter was shared. Students enjoyed along with their juniors and teachers. They went through a range of emotions, from being happy, to be excited, to be nostalgic.

Au Revoir 2021, though being a virtual farewell event for MBA 2, was one to be cherished by all.