14th National HR Konclave at KIIT School of Management


KIIT School of Management (KSOM) organized its 14th National HR Konclave on August 5, 2023. Welcoming the delegates, Prof. Sasmita Samanta, Vice Chancellor, KIIT-DU, elaborated on the importance of human rights and human dignity in this fast-paced, competitive world. She cited India as a remarkable manifestation of both. She opined that as a nation of inclusion and diversity, India creates socially conscious students, where human values are an integral part in all business strategies.

Speaking at the meet, Prof. Sumita Mishra, Dean, KSOM highlighted the importance of annual conclaves and how it has strengthened KSOM’s corporate connect over the years. She stressed, academia-industry collaboration is critical for any good B-School to move forward. Prof. Isa Mishra, Convener, introduced the corporate luminaries and extended a warm welcome to them on behalf of Dr. Achutya Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS.

Prof. Kumar Mohanty, Director, Corporate Relations, KIIT-DU, proposed the vote of thanks at the inaugural session. He reiterated that KSOM and KIIT always prioritize industry collaborations and it is an imperative parameter for any global University.

The inaugural session was followed by two panel discussions. The first panel discussion was on the topic – Demographic Dynamics for Increased Sustainability. The panel highlighted the need for ambition, respect, and adaptability for achieving desired goals. They emphasized the importance of population dynamics and the elimination of biases in decision-making. The panel also advocated for skill-focused growth and data-driven insights to ensure long-term sustainability.

The second panel discussion was on the topic – Occupational Opportunities for a Sustainable FutureThe panel discussed how people are at the heart of everything and that the human aspect takes precedence in all matters of life and work. Work-life balance plays an immense role in shaping and sustaining human happiness. The panel deliberated that although climate change concerns are real, organisations are taking time to change and adapt. The concept of sustainability must be embedded in the organisational culture.

The second half of the conclave consisted of eight simultaneous workshops. Designated as ‘Synergistics’ these interactive sessions were based on topics related to Equity based solutions at the workplace, HR practices in the context of Big Bang disruptions, HR – bridging gender gaps, Leadership practices to promote Inclusion and Embedding DEI culture in organizations among others.

The HR conclave provided students with an opportunity to interact with business leaders from the industry. The conclave created a platform to connect industry professionals, academia and students.

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