Day 4 of FDP at KIIT School of Film and Media Sciences


Dr. Subhajit Chatterjee, Professor of Film Studies, Jadavpur University delivered a lecture on “Scope of research & Research Methodology in Cinema and Film Studies” on the fourth day of FDP-2021 at KIIT School of Film and Media Sciences. The lecture was very closely drawn from his own experience of research and a long drawn career in teaching. It was appreciated by all present at the session and warmly applauded by Prof. Himansu S. Khatua, CEO of the School.

At the second session, Mr. Hariprasad Athanickal, Professor of Film Studies, English & Foreign Language University, Hyderabad made a contextual presentation on the topic titled “New Dimensions and Innovative Approaches in Film Studies” in the pretext of the ongoing pandemic. In the question answer session, he discussed the vulnerability of the industry and the upcoming challenges vis-a-vis opportunities ahead like OTT, Stardom, Big screen, etc.

The subject was relevant and most participants agreed to keep the subject alive, continue the process of discussion with positivity towards resolution as and when the pandemic comes to an end. The engagement ended with a vote of thanks and a concluding speech by the CEO appreciating the efforts of the faculty towards creating a resourceful source of learning and opportunity for self-improvement through FDP.

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