KIIT Career Advisory & Augmentation School Organizes Webinar on Career in Consulting


KIIT Career Advisory & Augmentation School (CAAS) conducted a webinar on Consulting as a career in corporates  for Engineering graduates. All the Big Fours have visited KIIT for Campus Placements, including the KIIT Fintech Lab @ High Radius Corporation. They  have all acknowledged the exemplary interest and outstanding performances of KIITians in both internships and jobs in the consulting sector.

The motto of the program was to make the students understand and focus while preparing themselves with proper readiness in sync with the needs and requirements of the Consulting Sector.

Prof. Priyadarshi Biswal, Dean-CAAS set the context of the webinar, while the convener Prof. Saranjit Singh, Director, IE informed students that since there is a growing demand for Career in Consulting, students must align themselves with the opportunities. He explained the hiring process of the Big Four along with guiding students on the process of applying, policies, rules and how to prepare themselves to fit into the requirements.

Prof. Suman Bhattacharya, Director-CAAS highlighted the transformative impact of the career opportunities in the Consulting vertical & made students aware about the changed hiring process in the current scenario. He also mentioned that since the University has tied up with one of the leading Fintech companies,  HRC, students must make the best of the opportunity.

Prof. Prachet Bhuyan, Dean T&P projected the types of jobs available for core domain areas in Consulting Platform during the question answer session. Prof. Abhishek Ray, Dean IE formally ended the session. 

Ms. Sujata Acharya, Executive CAAS also spoke at the webinar, which was spread across two sessions in one day involving all the students of the 2022 Graduating Batch.

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