KIIT School of Languages Organizes Webinar on Korean Language


KIIT School of Languages (KSOL) in association with scholars from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi and Seoul National University, Republic of Korea (ROK) organized online orientation webinar “Learn Korean from Experts: Career Opportunities Galore” on 5th January, 2022.  Prof. (Dr.) Beerendra Pandey, Dean, KSOL gave the inaugural address about benefits of learning Korean and welcomed the guest speakers and the student participants. The orientation event helped the audience to know how learning Korean language and culture can improve career prospects.

The presenters of the orientation webinar were Dr. Satyanshu Srivastava, Assistant Professor, Centre for Korean Studies (CKS), School of Language, Literature & Culture Studies, JNU; Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Ph.D. Scholar, Department of Korean Language and Literature, Seoul National University and Mr. Park Jang woo, Native Speaker & Researcher of Korean Language and Literature.

Dr. Srivastava threw light on the socio-cultural perspectives which led to the resurgence of South Korea as a technological giant and global soft power from one of the poorest countries a few decades ago, completely devastated in the Korean War of 1950s. Mr. Jang woo elaborated on how Korean people perceive India.  Mr. Kumar made the detailed presentation on how Korean technology and cultural wave ‘Hallyu’ have made a strong presence across the world and what opportunities Korea has for Indians for jobs and higher studies.  

Over 200 participants joined this highly informative and interactive orientation webinar on opportunities in Korea.  Audience asked several questions to the expert from Seoul National University and got satisfactory replies. The session was initiated and moderated by Mr. Sameer Kumar Das, Deputy Director, KSOL.

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