Research Project Grants (July 2021)


KIIT School of Electrical Engineering

Title of the sanctioned Project: Thermal Screening door with face recognition and tracking

Name of the investigators: Dr. Chitralekha Jena, Dr. Pampa Sinha, Sri Ramana Joga and

Ms. Raj Laxmi

Name of the Funding agency: AKON GROUP OF INDUSTRY, Industry Sponsored

Sanctioned amount of Project: Rs. 35000/-


India being a crowded country with almost 130 million people and counting, it becomes quite difficult to check each person for Corona virus personally during the rush hours. The main objective of this project is to install a door in the entrance of any residential complex, office building, Airport, shopping malls or any kind of commercial building where feasibility of gathering is more. Any person while walking into the door, the sensor will detect the body temperature and raise an alarm if it exceeds a given threshold temperature value. Simultaneously it will be recording the faces of that suspected person explicitly passing through it into a database that is assigned only for this purpose. The database will ease the recognition process. Once the door raises an alarm the secondary camera will be able to follow the person until they are detected.