Patents Published/Granted (July 2021)


KIIT School of Biotechnology

1. Ananyo Jyoti Misra, Aradhana basu, Arpan Ghosh, Amrita Misha, Cecilia Stålsby Lundborg, Suraj Kumar Tripathy, Title:  A photocatalytic nano-composition and system for water disinfection (Indian patent filed TEMP/E-1/33686/2021-KOL).


This point-of-use device is designed for disinfection of bacteria from the water and can have a promising outcome as an off-grid water disinfection system appropriate for most pregnable rural populations and individuals living in remote localitie.

KIIT School of Computer Engineering

1.Pratyusa Mukherjee, Ms. Neha Kapila, Mr. Dhiraj Kapila, Dr. Ashulekha Gupta, Dr. Purnendu Shekhar Pandey, Dr. Hardeep Singh Saini, Dr. Sudip Mandal, Mr. Pijush Dutta, Dr. Chittaranjan Pradhan, Achishek Bhattacharya, C. R. Srinivasan, Dr. S. Balamurugan, Patent Name: Artificial Intelligence Based Outdoor Navigation System using Augmented Reality (Indian patent). Application Number- 202131020165


The Artificial Intelligence based Outdoor Navigation System using Augmented Reality (AIONS) helps the traveler(s) to make use of the AIONS to navigate the unknown places easily without deviating to wrong path using 3D map. The traveller(s) can take a photo about an object/scenery, etc. If the traveler(s) don’t know how to reach that target location of the taken photo then they can send that taken photo to the cloud server. The cloud server will process the data of photo based on past history or previous database and it will generate a 3D map from the source person to the target.

School of Electrical Engineering

1. Dr. Pampa Sinha and Dr. Chitralekha Jena, Patent Name: Thermal Screening System and method (Indian patent), patent number 369726

This prototype is patented and has been granted for the term of 20 years from the 17th day of June 2020 in accordance with the provisions of the Patents Act,1970 by Controller General of Patents, Design and Trademarks, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India

Abstract: India being a crowded country with almost 130 million people and counting it becomes quite difficult to check each person for Corona virus personally during the rush hours. The main objective of this prototype is to install a door in the entrance of any residential complex, office building, Airport, shopping malls or any kind of commercial building where feasibility of gathering is more. Any person while walking into the door, the sensor will detect the body temperature and raise an alarm if it exceeds a given threshold temperature value. Simultaneously it will be recording the faces of that suspected person explicitly passing through it into a database that is assigned only for this purpose. Once the door raises an alarm the secondary camera will be able to follow the person until they are detected.

2. Dr. Arjyadhara Pradhan, Dr. Babita Panda and Mr. Biswaranjan Acharya, Patent Name: System and Method for Electromagnetic Wave Based Rapid Tissue Fixation and Preparation (Indian patent). Application Number: 334280-001 Published on 7th May 2021.

Abstract: Vegetable and Fruit washer is a simple home appliance used for washing of vegetables and fruits in day-to-day life.  Health and hygiene have become the utmost priority for sustenance. Hence vegetable and fruit washer can help people to manage washing of vegetables without direct contact. The design is very simple, portable and affordable and easy installation. This virus is microscopic in size and can be present on every particles like our clothes or any products we bring from outside. So, washing vegetables with the help of vegetable washer can solve the problem of infection from germs and cold to some extent.