Patents Published/Granted (Jan – April 2021)


KIIT School of Biotechnology

Dr. Abikshyeet Panda, Dr. Gopal Chowdhary, Dr. Pallavi Mishra, Mr. Asim Syed Sheeraz

Patent Name: System and method for electromagnetic wave based rapid tissue fixation and preparation (Indian patent)

KIIT School of Electrical Engineering

1. ArjyadharaPradhan, Babita Panda, Biswaranjan Acharya, Srikanta Mohapatra, Lipika Nanda, and Gopal Krishna Dash

Patent Name: Cost Effective Solar House

2. Arjyadhara Pradhan, Biswaranjan Acharya,  Babita Panda, Srikanta Mohapatra, Lipika Nanda, Sarita Samal, Banishree Mishra; Soubhagya Ranjan Prusty, and Geetanjali Dei.

Patent Name: Solar Based Double Channel Water Purification System for Rural People

3. Dr. Srikanth Allamsetty, Mr. Veeresalingam Guruguntla, and Dr. Mohit Lal

Patent Name: Method and Apparatus for Continuous Electric Power Generation Using Compressed Air