MD of Core CarbonX Visits KSFH


Mr. Niroj Mohanty, Managing Director, Core CarbonX visited KIIT School of Social, Financial & Human Sciences (KSFH) on 13th September 2022 and discussed avenues of partnership, collaboration and value creation for the local community. Core CarbonX, based out of Hyderabad, is a global climate and sustainability consulting firm with offices in 12 countries. It provides consulting and advisory services in the areas of Climate Change Mitigation, Sustainability and Non-Renewable Waste Management.

Avenues of partnership, collaboration and value creation for the local community were explored during his meeting with Prof. (Dr.) Jayanta Kumar Parida, Director, KSFH. Mr. Mohanty praised the efforts of Prof. Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS in enabling a better life for thousands of students through education.

Mr. Mohanty has over seventeen years of experience in developing and financing projects in the field of climate change mitigation/adaptation, biodiversity challenges, natural resource management, and renewable energy field. He has been involved in developing solutions that significantly reduce carbon footprint and help adapting to the challenges associated with climate change at a grassroots level. The visit was coordinated by Dr. Pinaki Nandan Pattnaik, Associate Professor and Dr. Debasis Pahi, Assistant Professor of KSFH.

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