JNU Professor Speaks at KSFH Lecture Series


“Disasters not only takes away lives of the people, it also claims the livelihood of people, leaving them without their means to earn their bread”, said Prof. (Dr.) Sunita Reddy, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi at KSFH Lecture Series on 25th April, 2022.  

KIIT School of Social, Financial & Human Science (KSFH) organizes talks by industry experts and eminent academicians regularly for perennial flow of knowledge dissemination for its students. In this backdrop, KSFH Lecture Series is organized, where various eminent persons from different walks of life come and deliver lectures. In her lecture titled “Know Disasters for No Disaster”, Prof. Reddyexplained the various facets involved in the study of disasters and how disasters impact the lives of the affected, by referring to her first hand research and field visits to Andaman & Nicobar Islands after the devastating Tsunami in the year 2004.

From 2005 to 2010, Prof. Reddy had made extensive visits to many islands, which were affected, to study the aftermath of the disaster, the response by the Administration and the reaction of the indigenous tribal inhabitants, towards the measures taken by the administration. Prof. Reddy also put light on some of the emerging research areas for the students in the fields of Anthropology and Disasters. 

Prof. Reddy is currently working as an Associate Professor at Centre of Social Medicine & Community Health of School of Social Sciences, JNU. She is also the Founder Chairperson of Anthropos India Foundation, an organization which aims to promote the discipline of Anthropology, its philosophy and methods and engage in applied and Action Research.

Prof. (Dr) Jayanta Kumar Parida, Director, KSFH chaired the session. Faculty members and students of the School were present in large numbers.

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