KSAC Host’s 6th Episode of ‘Koffee with Kalliope’


The remedy to a turbulent heart resides in the tranquil lyrics of a song. The depth of a composition can elude the most tragic of sorrows and unending spells of chaos. However, when we get absorbed into the illusory dimension of the lyrics, we at times forget to express the amazement at the credibility of the composer. After a series of highs and lows, our surroundings have finally begun to re-embrace the peace of mind and heart. Over the last few months, to comfort our worlds from the disastrous spells of catastrophic news, all of us have sought the help of such musical therapies through the playlists of our mastery. And one song in particular that has touched the deepest corners of our heart is Dhaaga from the aspirants. It was the fortune of Kalliope Society, KSAC that they could reach out to the composer of this melodious masterpiece and invite him to be the Guest of the 6th episode of ‘Koffee with Kalliope’ series.

Mr. Nilotpal Bora had been a backup singer in the musical industry of the country until he decided to recreate his identity and begin a new voyage as a combined composer and singer. He has composed the music of the first three episodes of ‘TVF Tripling’ alongside the soundtrack for the show. In 2017, Mr. Bora worked on the first major project in music through his notable addition to the short film ‘Letters from Deuta’. He became a sensation when his masterpiece, Majuli, became a favourite of not just regional Indians, but even to the foreign nationals. He had an inspiring journey from exploring the classical tunes of music in Assam to creating a multi-verse of melodies in the city of dreams. The melody of Dhaaga can pacify the most turbulent of hearts and, on the other hand, the beats of De Mauka Zindagi fuses a new lease of life into a being. Such has been the diversified contribution of Mr. Bora in the domain of music.

Through the hour-long virtual talk show, Mr. Bora shared the events that caused his transition into the musical career. He shared that his renowned composition, Dhaaga, was originally composed for another web series, ‘Yeh Meri Family’. Being a man of humble disposition, Mr. Nilotpal highlighted his spirituality and optimism in fate. Despite the popularity which his composition, Majuli fetchedhe insisted on retaining the humble lifestyle thereby citing the importance of sticking to one’s roots.

He also appreciated the Founder’s concept of having a Student Activity Centre at KIIT and said such support is essential in pushing the talents to reach their destination. Apart from the formal proceedings, Mr. Nilotpal Bora, was generous enough to introduce to us his newborn daughter and in return we showered every bit of grand wishes for the journey of parenthood. Lastly, he also encouraged the prodigies in every institute to feed their potentials and exhibit every trace of their talents.

Dr. Shyam Sundar Behura, Dy. Director Student Services thanked Mr. Nilotpal Bora for accepting the invitation and being a part of the show and also extended the congratulations to Alankrita and Yash for hosting the event brilliantly.

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