Webinar on ‘Hip Preservation with Osteotomy’


The knowledge of Orthopedics in medical science is developing day by day. Transitioning from the era of bone setter, we now see robotic surgery. Joint Replacement has become a boon to a patient suffering from arthritic painful joints. But, in this procedure, the patient has to sacrifice his/her natural, God given joint. Hence, it is a challenge for an Orthopaedic surgeon to preserve the natural joint, make the patient pain free and help them to come back to their normal activity of daily living.

On 24th August, 2021, KIMS faculties participated at the national-level webinar on “Hip Preservation with Osteotomy- A Wonderful Procedure”. Professor Dr. N. K. Magu from Rohtak was the chief speaker, while other senior doctors from New Delhi, Chandigarh and Maharashtra took part in the discussion. Dr. Sumanyu Kumar Tripathy, Asst. Professor, KIMS, though the youngest doctor in the team, was able to get the opportunity to share his ideas due to his dedication towards joint preservation surgery which was well admired by all. 

There are only a few Orthopaedic surgeons in India who are dicatedly doing such surgeries. Professor Tanmoy Mohanty, HOD, Department of Orthopaedic KIMS is one such surgeon. The young dynamic Dr. Sumanyu Kumar Tripathy is second to him. The work of Dr. Tripathy in joint preservation surgery and deformity correction to bring patients back to their life is remarkable. It was a proud moment for KIMS faculties to share their experiences at a national forum.