Transforming Social Problems:IIM Raipur felicitates KIMS Cardiac Anesthetist


In order to recognize the contribution of a doctor towards managing cardiac patients through high quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) device “Sanjivani QCPR”, IIM Raipur felicitated Cardiac Anesthesiologist from KIMS Bhubaneswar Dr. Ashok Kumar Badamali.

Dr. Badamali shared his experience of transforming a social problem of India into a social entrepreneurship at IIM Raipur on November 13. Sudden cardiac arrest related death numbers are increasing in India due to lifestyle related issues and lack of initiation of high quality CPR by common men within the first six minutes of sudden collapse. Many high-profile persons have lost their lives even in tier-1 cities, due to lack of awareness of CPR.

Dr Badamali described how the problem statement was perceived during routine training of the common public in the lobby area of KIMS during 2019. How rapid prototyping and series of iterations was done at Technology Business Incubator (TBI) of KIIT University and finally the first CPR Assist device of India “Sanjivani QCPR” was made.

The various government grants and funding available to promote innovation, was also discussed with the MBA students. Dr Badamali became a committee member of Entrepreneurship Development Cell of IIM Raipur to mentor the students and got felicitated by Dr KK Jain, Dean Academics and MrSatyendra Jain, Chief General Manager, IOCL.

The other panelist praised the support provided by KIIT DU to promote academic entrepreneurship and innovation, when the corporate world is suppressing the employee’s additional efforts in the name of Moon Lighting.  The journey of DrBadamali’s innovation will be published in a reputed management journal in collaboration with IIM faculties.

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