Successful Kidney Transplant in KIMS


Doctors of Kalinga Institute of Medical Science (KIMS) made a landmark achievement by successfully conducting a kidney transplant for the first time on 19th September 2021. A new life for a 23-year old patient suffering from End-Stage Renal Disease underwent the transplant. His mother was the donor. The Mother was discharged on 25th September 2021while the patient was discharged on 29th September. Both are doing well.

The operation was done by transplant team doctors of KIMS including Dr. Nikunj Kishore Rout, Dr. Aswini Prasad Patnaik, Dr. Rajesh Kumar Padhi, Dr. Kumar Avijeet Dash and Prof (Dr.) Suresh Ch Dash from the Nephrology Team; Dr. Sumanta Kumar Mishra, Dr. Amresh  Mishra, Dr. J B Jagdev, Dr. Sumit Panda from the Surgical Team; and Dr. Sanjaya Behera, Dr. Laba Kumar Nayak, and Dr. G. C. Satpathy from the Anesthesia Team. Dr Nikunj Kishore Rout led the Transplant team. Dr. D S Ray and his team who came from Kolkata extended support to the Operating Team.

CKD load in ODISHA is quite high. Many patients needing transplants have to go to  outstate for the operation. This landmark step by KIMS will certainly reduce the outflow of such cases. Here, we would like to point out that Kidney Transplant is the gold standard of treatment in End-Stage Kidney Disease. Dialysis is not always the permanent solution. The quality of life is definitely better in comparison to dialysis when a suitable kidney is made available. Relatives are preferred as donors, informed Dr. Nikunj Kishore Rout.

Dr. Rout said there is a psychological fear that if a person donates one kidney he will be weak and face problems in life. “We would like to dispel this misconceived notion by affirming that this is not a fact. A kidney donor can lead a healthy and unencumbered life with one kidney remaining”, he informed. While selecting a donor maximum precaution is taken by conducting all types of tests, i.e., Blood, Chest X-Ray, ECG, ECHO, Ultrasonography, Renal  Angiography, HLA & Cross-matching etc. before undertaking transplantation. All legal procedures are also followed.

Expressing his happiness, Founder Dr. Achyuta Samanta congratulated the team of doctors for their successful achievement. He also thanked Dr. P. K. Patnaik  for his able leadership. He wishes the Transplant Team will continue the Program in the future for the benefit of the needy. Also, he wished speedy recovery of the patient. 

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