Releasing Shortly-The Book “Postgraduate Pharmacology”


“Postgraduate Pharmacology” is the book which is releasing shortly in the market and will be available online, for Postgraduate-Pharmacology students, M. Pharma Trainees as well as Clinical Researchers. This book is written by a team of three people, two formerly Postgraduate Students (2014-2017) of KIMS, Dr. Sougata Sarkar (currently doing DM in Clinical Pharmacology in School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata); Dr. Vartika Srivastava (presently working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacology in KIMS) and Dr. Manjushree Mohanty (former HOD, Department of Pharmacology, KIMS).

The book contains 142 contents, covering most of the postgraduate topics of pharmacology included in Paper 3 and Paper 4 while some areas of Paper 1 and 2 are also covered. It includes all methodologies used as analytical techniques in Biochemistry and Biotechnology. It covers the basics of statistics which is a thrust area in research and includes all important topics of Clinical Pharmacology. It comprises the name of most of the drugs approved by FDA in the last 4 years and also the list of vaccines approved by FDA in the last 10 years. As a special highlight, it includes a separate chapter on current pandemic COVID 19.

The topics are carefully selected for the students and divided under various sections mainly based on the current advances in research as well as syllabus designed for Pharmacology during examination. Each chapter contains figures, flowcharts, tables and diagrams as per requirement for better understanding. Postgraduate trainees of Pharmacy, Community Medicine and Biochemistry may also find this book useful. The book is being published under Paras Publications and will soon be available to the readers. 

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