Publication in an International Journal By Dr. Rajendra Sahoo, Consultant Pain & Palliative Care, KIMS


Chronic Low Back Pain from Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) is a known and often distressing cause of back pain. Interventional treatment like SIJ injection or Radio frequency ablation provides short to intermediate duration pain relief in patients who are refractory to conventional medical management. Hence, another neuroablative therapy like cryoneurolysis which includes freezing the pain nerves innervating the SIJ was evaluated in this current study. So far, there was no technical description of SIJ cryoablation or study conducted. Hence, our paper highlights “how to carry out SIJ cryoablation safely with ultrasound technology” and it’s efficacy in Chronic refectory SIJ related LBP.

We conducted a preliminary study after successful diagnostic SIJ injection in 8 SIJs. The USG-guided cryoablation was successful in all the patients and at 6 months follow up all the patients experienced significant pain relief which was better than currently available Thermal and Cooled RF ablation therapy. No complications were observed in any of the patients. Another important thing was the time taken for this procedure was way less than the conventional RF ablation.

We hope our preliminary study and technical description will help other clinicians to conduct formal studies comparing cryoablation with RF ablation.