KIMS Performs Odisha’s First Computer Navigation Spine Surgery


A team of spine surgeons from the City-based Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) has done the first ever computer navigation spine surgery in Odisha, paving a way to create another milestone for KIMS to serve the people of the region with quality health care.

Senior Consultant and Orthopaedic and Spine Surgeon, Dr. Jitendra Kumar Rout at KIMS Super Speciality Hospital, who led the team to perform the surgery said “the computer navigation assisted spinal surgery will help in maintaining accuracy, time management, minimally invasive procedure and ultimately having lesser complications for the patients.”

In fact, during spinal surgery the surgeons need to use many pedicle screws to fix the spine. If manually done, it might lead to serious post-surgery complications leading to fatality. According to medical literature if manually done, pedicle screw fixation manually might have 16 percent error, but with the help of computer navigation spine surgery the error percent is nearly zero and the surgeon could see the movement of the screw on the computer screen to avoid any complications.

Describing the process behind the computer navigation spine surgery, Dr. Rout explained “the process usually uses an intraoperative computer tomography (CT) scan technology and thus the operating team could monitor every step through a digital monitor and the navigational help ensures better outcome for the team and ultimately for the patient.

“Be it cervical, lumbar or any portion of the spinal cord, the computer navigation spine surgery can assist the surgeons in an error-free performance and at KIMS we are looking for more such complicated procedures with this in future and help patients in a better way,’’ Dr. Rout added.

Facility Director KIMS Super Speciality and Cancer Centre Dr. Shaktimaya Mohapatra said “computer navigation spine surgery gives KIMS an edge over others and it can be used in multiple surgical procedures to enable our teams deliver better results for the patients.’’

Dr. Rout mentioned renowned spine surgeon of India and mentor at KIMS Super Speciality Hospital Dr. Shankar Acharya, for guidance in performing the first ever computer navigation spine surgery in Odisha.

He also thanked KIIT-KISS Founder Dr. Achyuta Samanta for providing the latest technologies and tools for the surgeons so that KIMS would provide cutting-edge technology support for better patient care and services.

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